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Ventell Name

We often get asked if our name, Ventell, means anything… Or is it just a made-up name?
The truth is, it’s a bit of both…
For those of you who know our Principal, Debra Chantry, you will know that she is originally from the UK & she also speaks both French & German.

The first part of Ventell is taken from the French verb ‘Vendre’ which means ‘To Sell‘.

The second part is the British word ‘Tell‘ which, as it suggests, is all about telling brand stories.

Ventell – Growing your business profitably through selling & telling

At Ventell, we believe that sales & marketing (or telling brand stories) is key to business growth.
We also believe that every part of this should be measurable to ensure that you are getting the best Return on Investment. We ensure that you implement measures of success so that we can measure & celebrate success with you as it happens.

Ventell Principal – Debra Chantry

Debra is absolutely passionate about growing New Zealand business. She works as a Business Coach not only here at Ventell but also at The Icehouse, The Lightning Lab & with Business Mentors New Zealand.

Debra is also a Member of the IoD (Institute of Directors NZ) & sits on a number of Boards & Advisory Boards. In her spare time, she writes articles on growing business & runs workshops & classes… Some might say it’s an obsession!

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Ventell Team


Another part of Debra’s success is surrounding herself with the very best team available, all of who have senior corporate experience working with many large-scale enterprises based both in New Zealand and internationally. Have a look at Our Team page to find out more about us…

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Ventell Offering


Combine all of these philosophies with a strong vision, structured strategic planning, good governance, plus coaching for motivation & accountability and we believe you have a recipe for successful business growth… And that’s what we do at Ventell.

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