We know what is holding your business back.

Business Action is for entrepreneurial leadership teams with between 10 and 250 staff whose businesses have plateaued. As a passionate and forward-thinking team, you know things need to change.

We offer a structured business coaching program that follows a proven process guaranteeing performance, giving you the confidence to make the hard calls that will improve your business and your life.

Business Action helps you gain traction and move ahead


average bottom line improvement


companies around the world have used the EOS® system


years of real business experience

With EOS & Debra’s help, we have so much more clarity than we have had in 17 years of the business”

Benjamin Wilson

Director, The Little Linen Company (An established family owned business)

Debra’s input, guidance, introduction and implementation of the EOS structure, systems and processes are transformational for Cambridge Partners. I fully endorse engaging Debra to assist you and your business to clarify your values, vision, 1,3 and 10 year objectives. Plus the quarterly sessions are invaluable to help keep you on track and to deal/prioritise any issues that need to be dealt with.”

Jacob Wolt

Managing Partner, Cambridge Partners

Richard Austin - Traction EOS Implementer Client

We’re about to hit our 12 month goals in the next month and we’re only 8 months into our year and our EOS journey. EOS / Traction has been a significant part of that outcome and we find our leadership sessions with Debra invaluable. We’ve just completed our 2nd EOS Quarterly Session. I can see how we gain more and more value from each session and we are appreciating in more depth how it all works together. My expectations were wildly exceeded and I am bloody excited about where we are going next.”

Richard Austin

Managing Partner & Visionary, Cambridge Partners

Debra has been working with Your Virtual Assistant since Covid hit in March and has helped us at a time when we’d hit the ceiling and were uncertain about the future. Using the EOS model and tools we’ve been able to go back to basics to ensure we have the foundation of a good business able to take on any uncertainty. These tools have helped us to make huge gains in growth and solve some underlying issues we’ve struggled with for years.Debra holds us accountable, she’s supportive but calls me out on my excuses (in a wonderful way!) and what I love the most is she shows us the way to reach our desired outcomes so it seems like the ideas are all ours … but we’d never see them without her help. EOS + Business Action + Debra is an absolute game changer for us, in a year when a game changer is exactly what we needed. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Justine Parsons

Founder & Visionary, Your VA (An established family business)

Nathan Bentley - Traction EOS Implementer Client

Debra has been absolutely invaluable as our EOS facilitator and is a top class business coach. At a time when our business is going through a significant period of growth and change I can’t think of anyone who would have done a better job in bringing together our rejuvenated leadership team to rise to the challenge.”

Nathan Bentley

Regional Manager IT Services – Spark Strategic Partnership at LANtech Ltd

Daniel McCarthy - Traction EOS Implementer Client

Just started our EOS journey with Debra, and she is great to deal with.

Straight shooter, empathetic, professional.

Daniel McCarthy

CEO & EOS Integrator, Mobile Mentor (2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year)

Debra just facilitated our 2nd quarterly EOS session. We had some issues that we felt were almost insurmountable but Debra was able to give us some tangible tools that turned our ‘Everests’ into mole hills and now we feel more confident tackling them.

I was nervous about doing the session virtually but it was the best facilitated virtual session that I have been part of. Some of it was without a doubt the technology but also Debra’s energy & facilitation skills made the 8 hours fly by.”

Fiona Davis

Integrator & COO, Cambridge Partners

Key Benefits of EOS® Traction & Business Coaching


Clarity and Vision

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, coaching and consulting, to get them moving ahead. This experience has honed my understanding of common traps leadership teams fall into and means I can challenge you with evidence-based Intel.

Learn more about me & the business action team


A proven process that gets results

I have read hundreds of business strategy and leadership books but when I saw the clarity and simplicity of the EOS® Traction process it just made sense. I’m fully invested in mastering EOS® and enabling businesses to use the system.



A healthy business and healthy life

The accountability and predictability that the traction process delivers aids in creating a healthy business and healthy life. Less stress, less work and more time to do what you want, results, and happier, more productive people – what’s not to love?


Trusted Partner Network

Businesses & experts that you can rely on

At Business Action we have a range of generalists & specialists who support our clients on their growth / scaling journey.

Every partner has been tried & tested, so that we feel confident recommending them.

We do not take any commission or financial reward for this – we just want to ensure that you get the best possible people for the job.

Our trusted partner network includes:

  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Leadership Coaches (for individual coaching)
  • Marketing Agencies
  • HR & People Experts
  • Website & Digital Marketing Experts
  • Other Business Coaches