Business Coaching

Business Coaching is not consulting…

  • A consultant is someone who is considered an expert (usually in a particular field) & who will tell you how to do things.
  • Business Coaching is a skilled means to help you, as the client, to think better.
  • We unravel complexities in your business, help you prioritise them, think them through thoroughly, challenge your beliefs about the issues & opportunities & then map out a way forward…. Giving you frameworks & tools that make the process structured & easier.
  • We do all of this with you at the centre of our work… That is, we help you come to proper conclusions that you must take to be successful.
  • Business Coaching is more like business counselling than it is consulting.
  • That means that trust & the freedom to ask you difficult pointed questions is hugely important for us to do our best work.

Consulting / Execution

  • All of our coaches have significant experience in business & so can also act as consultants & mentors if required
  • We have a team of strategy, marketing & digital marketing experts who can help you to do the work
  • Where we can’t help, we will help you to source the best suppliers – a list that we have built up from our 10 years of experience, so you can trust that they are able to deliver what they say that they will & offer value for money

You typically have the answers, not us:

  • You may feel that you don’t have those answers, however we’ll work together to help you find them
  • We’ll ask you really great questions that help you to find the right answers for your business to allow you to produce sustainable results & growth
  • We’ll challenge you & take you outside of your comfort zone, when necessary

You set the agenda, most of the time:

  • There will be a set agenda, based on our plan, but the ownership of the process sits with you, as the Business Owner:
    • You’ll mostly determine what issues are to be addressed & what solutions will be right for you
    • There will be times when we direct you with expert advice, based on our experiences, however our main role is to help you articulate your dreams & clarify your goals, through using frameworks & tools that we know will work for you
    • We’ll help you set the directions for achieving your own goals

A coaching relationship is an equal partnership:

  • We will work together as equal partners in this process
  • We will share responsibility for developing the plan & hold you accountable for delivering it
  • We will celebrate successes with you.

Choice, fulfillment & success:

Within the guidelines above, our approach to coaching typically focuses on helping you:

  • Feel more fulfilled & effective in your professional / business life
  • Manage the complexities of growth through making informed decisions
  • Add greater value to your customers.

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out… And the faster the results!

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